New Legislation for Marijuana Business in California

Education for marijuana businessLast update: September 4, 2015

As the legislative session draws to a close, the California Legislature and governor’s office are refining a bill that would establish a regulatory structure for medical cannabis-related businesses — offering important protections for them and providing consistent, statewide rules. This year has seen unprecedented consensus among industry representatives, lawmakers, law enforcement, local government, and most recently, the governor’s office. The 2015-2016 session wraps up on September 11, and time is short, but it appears California is finally ready to create protections for businesses, nearly two decades after Californians decided to allow seriously ill patients to have access to marijuana as medicine.

Several regulatory bills were introduced this session, including Asm. Rob Bonta’s AB 266, Sen. Mike McGuire’s SB 643, and Asm. Jim Wood’s AB 243. In late August, the governor signaled an interest in refining the various approaches, and we now expect one of these bills will be revised and presented for a vote before the legislature recesses. Also this year, the legislature and governor approved a bill, spearheaded by Americans for Safe Access, to stop discrimination against medical marijuana patients awaiting organ transplants.

The medical marijuana regulatory bills are being considered against the backdrop of a planned November 2016 voter initiative that would legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol in California. Several organizations, including MPP, are working to pass a measure similar to the one approved by voters in Colorado in 2012.

Source: MPP

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