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Marijuana collective attorney

Operating Procedure Package

Operating Procedure Package for MAUCRSA permit applicants     With the new marijuana laws in California taking effect, they instruct all MAUCRSA licensees to have operating procedures included as a part of their license application.  Filling out the marijuana license application is the easy part, but a real good Operating Procedure will help in getting your marijuana license approved. […]

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California Weed University

California Governor, sign the medical marijuana bills into law

Nearly 20 years after voters legalized medical marijuana, California lawmakers have finally passed legislation to regulate the growth and distribution of cannabis for patients’ use. In the final hours of their session last week, legislators passed three bills that together establish a system to license, test and track medical marijuana from “seed to sale.” Gov. […]

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California academy for cannabis

Cannabis Business Seminar – Pasadena, Ca

Do you want to know how to start a marijuana business? Get all knowledge and all the right tools in our 2 DAY Cannabis Business Seminar in Pasadena.   On October 17 & 18, 2015 – 420 College will be hosting a live marijuana business course in Pasadena to go over all aspects of marijuana […]

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