Medical marijuana law in California

Medical marijuana law in California Medical marijuana has been legalized in 1996 in California. Since, hundreds of dispensaries have been functioning in order to provide medical marijuana to those who have a valid doctor’s recommendation, 420 College has been providing courses on medical marijuana business and medical marijuana law in California to those getting into the cannabis business.

Starting a medical marijuana business requires the necessary knowledge and legal documents. The on-line video course provided by 420 College offers insight on setting up a business according to medical marijuana law in California. The courses are on-line and can be obtained either individual video or the whole set together which makes some savings.

Each course has its own merit and provides quality information on medical marijuana business and includes:

  • An introduction to marijuana business,
  • What’s legal and what’s not,
  • How to start a marijuana collective,
  • How to start a marijuana delivery business,
  • How to start a marijuana store front (“dispensary”),
  • How to start a marijuana grow operation,
  • How to make profit if it’s non-profit

Medical marijuana law in California has made it possible for successful entrepreneur to strive in the medical marijuana business. Along with the on-line video course is provided as a bonus all the legal form that needs to be completed in order to start a medical marijuana business. Obtaining these forms from attorney offices is very costly and you make some savings by having them in the video package.

Ounce you have started your collective, you are provided with an up to date list of marijuana thirty five high ranking and high traffic directories which helps you get patients. Starting a marijuana business in California could never have been easier. With the help of the College, many individuals have made a career in the medical marijuana industry and many more are joining the trend each year.

420 College is dedicated to giving the best start in the medical marijuana business. The medical marijuana industry is thriving in California. With the correct knowledge and legal paperwork, you can become a successful medical marijuana business person and enjoy all that this lucrative business has to offer.

If you are wondering about Medical marijuana law in California, then go to 420 College;

Medical marijuana law in California 420 College and attorneys will be hosting a live seminar in Pasadena to go over all aspects of marijuana business operation.

At 420 College – it all begins with helping YOU to understand what is proper, lawful and appropriate!

Our hands on medical marijuana business start-up seminars or one-on-one consultations are perfect to get started!

You get an intense day of advanced information about how to start and operate a medical marijuana patient collective (club or co-operative). This collective can cultivate and handle transactions between patient-members, while providing a community location for club activities, education and out-reach.

Find out how 420 College 2 DAY seminars can help you in your business, click here.

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