1 on 1 | Advanced Indoor Farm Package

Grow Medical Marijuana Indoor

      Advanced Farm Package

marijuana-co-op-farm-icon-300p420-Advanced Farm Package includes: all following supplies and installation in Los Angeles County area*

  • XtraSun Mondo Reflector W/ Flange & lens kit
  • XtraSun Convertible 1000W Ballast
  • 1000 W HTL Universal LGE
  • 1000 W Sodium Hortilux
  • Active Air 6” In-Line Duct Fan
  • Perma Duct 6” 25’ ducting with clamps
  • 6” Clamps
  • 16” Wall Mount Fan
  • Heavy Duty 24 Hr Timer
  • 7 Day Digital Timer
  • Temperature/Humidity Gauge
  • Sunrise Reflector Hanging System
  • Hydrofarm Permaflect 25 ft. reflective material for walls.
  • WaterFarm 8 pack unit with controller and 13 gallon reservoir (includes pumps, and General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrients)
  • Grow Chek 3-way meter pH/EC/TDS
  • Nutrient Trio – Fox Farm Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom Hydro Formula.
  • pH up 1 qt
  • pH down 1 qt (recommend depending on temperature of room/are air intake via air conditioner or intake fan . Also recommend air cooling lights for cooler temperatures requires additional fan and ducting*)
Optional: switch or add on any equipment to suit your situation.
* ($100 per day, travel expense, outside Los Angeles County or Fresno County). Total price of installation includes our growers taking care of your plants and maintenance of the grow room twice per month for the first cycle. We guarantee the expected yield in the time said and full potency of the medicine.

Advanced Farm Program Requirements

  • ACTIVE Calif MMJ RECOMMENDATION REQUIRED: In the state of California, to legally install and use a grow package – you must have a valid and current doctor’s recommendation and, for our own policy, be at least 21 years old.
  • If you are operating a collective you must provide all legal documents of your collective and copies member applications (so we know you’re allowed to grow the amount you’re requesting).
  • Price of complete set up starting at $7,500
  • Call 323-308-8803 or 530-420-6188 for information and scheduling.
You will be contacted by our staff for scheduling and location, once the appointment is confirmed, your card will be charged, you can choose to pay half with the invoice and the second half (cash only) can be paid to the instructor at the time of the installation, or you can pay the full amount with a credit card with the invoice. Once invoice is paid we’re set and we’ll see you there.

Multi person pricing applies to this consultation.