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marijuana business consultant

Starting a cannabis business in California: If you would like to start any type of cannabis and get full attention from people who already are in business and get full attention to your personal needs, this private consultation with our top marijuana business consultant is for you.
cannabis business consultation

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Objective #1: Explain the requirements to start any type of cannabis business, 

Focus is on how and why you need to start up your marijuana business PROPERLY and LEGALLY, under the city and county programs in your area. 

Under the marijuana law, the Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act, cannabis dispensaries, co-ops, collectives and delivery services are will not be able to operate with the California Attorney General Guidelines after the Bureau of Cannabis Regulation starts accepting applications.   To read our summary of the new California marijuana law for business, click here.

Even now marijuana business get SHUT DOWN every day because the groups operating them are doing business contrary to the law.  Learn what they are doing wrong and how to avoid making those same mistakes.


Our marijuana business consultant will cover all the legal requirements and paper work need to start a marijuana business in California.  You can always call our marijuana business consultant back if you need further assistance, we’ll do our best to answer your questions all for FREE!!!  

***FAQ –
Q: Can I bring my friend to the 1-on-1 consultation?
A: Yes you can, you may bring as many people as you want, though there are additional charges, per person.

FOR SKYPE CONSULTATIONS: two people will be $500 and three people for $700. If you have more than three people who want to attend the consulting session, let us know in your email and we’ll make sure you get a real good deal.

IN PERSON CONSULTATIONS: We do give multi-person and group discounts all the time. For two people it will be $700 ($350 per person), for three people it will be $900 ($300 per person).

We are happy to meet (or speak) with you offering confidential – 1-On-1 Consultations with California’s top marijuana business consultant.

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Disclaimer: Marijuana remains illegal under federal laws. Some states, counties and cities have adopted the medical marijuana patient programs, please check our FAQ page for state by state breakdown on laws in states that have this program in place.

420 College™ does not promote illegal sales or use of marijuana. That is why we strongly urge you to take our seminars to get the latest in developments and laws concerning medical marijuana and cannabis industry.