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420 College A recent rash of medicinal marijuana dispensary closings have the market on edge.

When you take a closer look at the obvious – many of the operations that are being targeted have taken steps outside the “system”, [they] don’t have their paperwork and filings in order, [they] are not properly licensed for business or have not maintained proper records for taxes and patient/member verification.

Simply said –

“We are working in a hostile atmosphere – anyone who ventures into the medical marijuana industry better do so with their eyes wide open – you don’t get a Mulligan in this game.” said a recent 420 College Alumni.

“Look, most of the clubs that are getting closed are just not following common sense and the law. They probably deserve to get shut down which opens up the chance for folks, like me, who want to run legitimate operations, to take their place – isn’t that just the free market in action?”

A case in point – this recent quote (below) speaks VOLUMES about the current climate in Southern California and the lack of “tolerance” or compassion for the MMJ operator, patient/member, is evidenced by the harsh words of LA County DA, Steve Cooley.


“This medical marijuana dispensary thing in L.A. is a complete fraud, starting with the doctors issuing these phony-baloney prescriptions for conditions that don’t exist to perfectly healthy people who go down and appoint some Russian organized-crime guy as their caregiver and then get their dope… Give me a break.”

— Steve Cooley, LA County District Attorney

You must be asking yourself,

If it’s “LEGAL”

Operators of all clubs in the city “sting operation” [ed emph] were to have filed for a LOTTERY for the CHANCE to open a club and those that “jumped” the gun | [they] opened without completing the process, did not meet or exceed qualifying criteria or just opened up without regard to the ordinance, business and seller’s licensing required | make up the majority of those that are facing losing their operations

There is a very distinct “bread crumb” trail you can follow to figure out why one or more of these “clubs” are being targeted out of the hundreds in operation. Lack of following instructions, it would appear, for most, is the reason they are being forced to close their doors and cease operations.

Who is at risk of getting shut down??

  • If you’re collecting donations and giving away marijuana, you are at risk.
  • If you’re giving away free joints to 1st time patients, you are at risk.
  • If your business is called a “dispensary”, you are at risk.
  • If your business is located within a 1000 feet from a school or church, you are at risk.
  • If you call yourself a caregiver, you are at risk.

If you own a marijuana dispensary or delivery service and you’re doing any of the above, it is imperative for you to be compliant so you don’t risk getting shut down. 420 College experts will come out and go through you business paperwork and go through your store telling you what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. Believe it or not 99% of the clubs are non-compliant.

Price for compliance check: Please call for a consultation. 

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Call 855-420-TALK (8255) to speak with a representative about compliance checks.

Hiring 420 College, to help insure you can pass local compliance checks, can let you rest assured.


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Compliance With California Medical Marijuana Program Act (Compassionate Use Act) | SB 420 – Prop 215 – Attorney General Kamala Harris, CurrentGuidelines (2008)

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