Operating Procedure Package

Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act marijuana license application

Operating Procedure Package for City or County marijuana license applicants

marijuana license application

With the new marijuana laws in California taking effect January 1st, 2016, cities and counties that are issuing marijuana business licenses are requiring applicants for marijuana licensees to have Operating Procedures included as a part of their license application.

Filling out the marijuana license application is the easy part, but a real good Operating Procedure will help in getting your marijuana license approved.

Get a jump start on the all the required paperwork, put yourself ahead of the curve and position yourself for success and get the required documents ready for the city or county Marijuana Licensing Department.

We have helped many get licences and we can do the same for you.  Our Operating Procedure Package is prepared custom for your business.

Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act marijuana license applicationThe Operating Procedure package is for:

  • Dispensaries,
  • Cultivation,
  • Transportation,
  • Distributors,
  • Edible makers,
  • Manufacturers and more,
  • The start-up package is: $7,500


Let 420 College’s team of cannabis industry professionals go to work for you and help you get your marijuana business license approved!

It is absolutely mandatory that you have all the correct paperwork and information before submitting the application for your marijuana business license.


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