Marijuana Consumption

 Marijuana Consumption

An annual survey, “Monitoring the Future,” polls upwards of 40,000 high school students about their drug consumption habits; this particular survey focused on specifically on marijuana consumption. Cannabis use among high school students started to decline in 2008 but has slowly crept upwards in recent years.

Despite the recent increase in teen cannabis use, there has been a noticeable decline since the total legalization in Washington and Oregon of cannabis in 2013.

The decline is not simply attributed to the recent legalization of recreational cannabis which stemmed from the many decriminalization laws that have emerged over the last two decades; changes in public perceptions and attitudes about the substance have led to marijuana becoming less stigmatized and therefore less taboo. Removing the stigma and taboo from a substance most often leads to less instances of people trying it just by virtue of it being taboo.

A study from NYU’s department of population health found that only 10% of high school seniors who had never used marijuana planned to try it if legalized.

Another analysis published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse found that cannabis approved rates have dropped dramatically among students 12 to 14 while older respondents from 18 to 25 exhibited a considerable rises in approval when compared to previous years.

Perceptions and practices of adolescents have not been negatively impacted by recent marijuana consumption related changes in public policy.Marijuana Consumption

Marijuana Consumption

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