What you should know before setting up a marijuana business in California

marijuana business in CaliforniaSetting up and operating a marijuana business in California is very different from any other business enterprise. However, if the legal requirements for setting up such a business are well understood and followed properly, the business may have few similarities with other business enterprises. Due to the legal climate currently being experienced at the federal, state and local levels on the use of medical marijuana, it is imperative to not only understand but also comply with applicable rules, regulations and laws that have been set at different levels to the broadest extent possible some of which can be found on 420 college website. The law in California regarding the setting-up and operating a marijuana business require that such a business should be organized and be operated as collectives or cooperatives.

This means that a marijuana business in California is required by law to be registered by the state and follow the rules laid down regarding the operation and reporting of the activities the business conducts. For such a business to operate fully in California, it is required to have a list of members that are qualified patients who have a valid recommendation from a physician stating that their use of marijuana is beneficial for the treatment of serious medical conditions. In addition to this, if the business has caregivers, it must assure that the caregivers are members of the group and must assume responsibility for the health, housing and safety of the patients.

It should be noted that there is a difference between setting up a marijuana business in California for profit and non-profit. If the business has been set for non-profit, then it cannot sell marijuana to non-members. This is followed strictly especially if the business is set-up as a corporation. The specific purposes for such corporations are to give the necessary means of coordinating and facilitating transactions between the patient members in their group or caregiver members. It should also be understood that the production and the provision of cannabinoids can only be performed by the qualified members of the corporation.

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marijuana business in California

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