Legalized Marijuana

 Legalized marijuana


After two decades of legalized marijuana use for medical purposes, Governor Jerry Brown has imposed statewide rules on growth, transport, and the sale of cannabis ahead of a vote to approve it for recreational use. Governor Brown signed three bills earlier this month that establish a regulatory system for medical marijuana that could be adopted across the board if the substance is made legal by passing a 2016 ballot initiative.

The governor worked out the new regulations with lawmakers after several failed attempts by the legislature to adopt rules that address concerns for both law enforcement and the marijuana industry.

“The new structure will make sure patients have access to medical marijuana, while ensuring a robust tracking system,” Brown said. He noted that some of the changes will it go into effect until January of 2018.

There are an estimated 1,250 medical marijuana dispensaries currently operating within the state which account for about 1.3 billion dollars in sales. Nate Bradley, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry said, “Gov. Brown and his colleagues in the Legislature have just given the green light to let California’s cannabis industry become the thriving, tax paying, job-creating industry it was destined to become.”

Legalized marijuana could mean exponential profits for the golden state.Legalized marijuana

Legalized marijuana

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