How Do I Start a Cannabis Business in California?

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how to start open a medical marijuana business

So….How DO I Start A Legal Cannabis Business in California?



How Do I Start a Medical Marijuana BusinessOPTION #1: DiY | Do It Yourself …


You can research and download all the forms and instructions to complete and file them.

How Do I Start a Medical Marijuana Business

You could work your way through the proper choices in defining the various types of corporations available, how to apply and file; how to find a good location, members to expand the club, resources for equipment, seeds, clones and nutrients; you could call or email trade associations, activists, lawyers and others, while spending hours on the forums, navigating a lot of information on to weave together what you will need. Yeah – that’s one option; BTW – have fun with that.

medical marijuana attorneyHow Do I Start a Medical Marijuana BusinessOPTION #2:
Hire Some Help $$$$$$?

Hire A Relative, Find a Referral OR
Call Someone from the Yellow Pages?

You know, if you hired an attorney for consultation, you could easily pay $250 to $375, per hour, for their time, just for a basic consultation – ask yourself – are THEY experienced in navigating the specific needs of setting up A LEGAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA NON-PROFIT CORPORATION?

You will be in class, discussing business start up criteria and options, for a minimum of 6 hours ON DAY 1 – you can figure out the math.

AGAIN – a 420 College 2 Day Seminar is an awesome value.


How Do I Start a Medical Marijuana Business

How Do I Start a Medical Marijuana Business OPTION #3:

Come ~ Check Out 420 College Up-Coming EVENTS

Make It EASY On Your Self – Get Help

Come to Class, Get Great Info & Make Some Friends | Take Home Step-By-Step Guides, Forms AND Call 420 College ANYTIME With Questions!

420 College seminars have attorneys who specialize in medical marijuana law that have helped hundreds of people to open marijuana businesses, teaching parts of the course; a minimum $2,500 value that you get with your total payment, for our 2 day Seminar, of $250. That’s a deal.

How Do I Start a Medical Marijuana BusinessThe greatest asset of all, ONGOING SUPPORT – you can call us back with any and all questions that you may and we’ll be glad to assist you, as much as we can.

For $250 – and 2 day investment of your time – a 420 College Live Seminar is a terrific opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting a legitimate business in medical marijuana.

medical marijuana business forms

Not to mention, all the extras that you’ll get such as the professional medical marijuana grower’s info, medical marijuana cooking instructions, edible and concentrate recipes, connecting you with people who are already in business to help you along.

You will get handouts to take with you to refer to if you need that will have all the instructions in detail written for you and most of the forms that you’ll need to file, an up to $1,500 value and saving you valuable time.




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