Our Mission Statement

420 College Our Mission is to educate and prepare the next generation of medical marijuana careers to institute the best business practices

Our Mission is To Help Our Economy Grow | Legally

By Delivering the BEST Medical Marijuana Industry Training Possible – Period.

420 College brings both growing companies and career minded individuals together.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to be successful in your cannabis business.

medical marijuana - cannabis patient rightsIn today’s declining economy, we are preparing Americans for a better tomorrow, by educating them on a thriving new industry, that will not only help the current economy by providing taxpayer dollars for the government, but create employment for thousands of people who have been laid off by their employers due to the declining economy.

Come join us and become a part of this hidden industry. There are medical cannabis dispensaries, marijuana delivery services and non-profit collectives all over California providing patient care everyday, get educated and get the know-how of the business from people who are in business.


We don’t just present you with general information. We answer all the questions YOU have about YOUR business. We will personally introduce you to lawyers, vendors, collectives, accountants, consultants, real estate agents and web designers or anyone we feel will move your project forward.

Don’t delay, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks depending on your dedication and budget and location. We want to know how we can help YOU–not just feed you a bunch of useless facts.

US Medical Marijuana Laws are expandingYOU can become a part of the pioneer movement to completely legalize marijuana, not only in California but in your state but throughout America, and earn a living while helping marijuana patients access their medicine.

Our staff is available to talk to you on the phone after the classes ANYTIME to answer any questions you may have missed. We are accessible and want you to succeed because–“Our success is your success!”

medical marijuana industry contacts

We welcome you to join our network of friendly, like-minded canna-business pot-trepreneurs to help you achieve your goals!

Meet and mingle with new people, make new contacts … at 420 College, we don’t just educate, we put you on the right track for success.


420 College is the premier provider of continuing education for the cannabis industry; building an institute for career minded individuals. We are passionate about bringing together growing companies, developing standards, products and services – the individuals that are pioneers, expanding the market, building solid foundations that will help us all sustain explosive industry growth.

Marijuana business plan

There are medical cannabis “dispensaries”, “marijuana delivery services” and “collectives” all over California providing patient care everyday.  Some are compliant with state laws, but unfortunately many are not.  Get educated and get the know-how of the business from people who are in business.

Come join us and become a part of this hidden industry.



If you hired an attorney for consultation, you could pay $1,000 to $3,500 just for them to teach you the laws and how to start up your business.

420 College seminars puts you in front of real attorneys who specialize in medical marijuana law that have helped hundreds of people to open marijuana businesses.

Our professional instructors are teaching YOU information they would gladly charge you up to $2,500 to get privately!


What – are we nuts? It only costs 10% of the fee an attorney would charge? NO – we are COMPASSIONATE and We can provide this QUALITY OF PROFESSIONAL BY LEVERAGING THE GROUP DYNAMIC IN OUR 2 DAY LIVE SEMINARS.

We care that you have access to QUALITY – UP TO DATE – RELEVANT information so YOU CAN MAKE EDUCATED DECISIONS TO ENTER THIS INDUSTRY! When so many have the same questions – it just makes sense to hire the best and we can all benefit from the time spent exploring what we ALL need to know! [By-the-way | 420 College allow offers private workshops and confidential 1-on-1 programs!]

One of the greatest asset of all, YOU NOW HAVE FRIENDS IN THE INDUSTRY – you can call us back with any and all questions that you have and we’ll be glad to assist you, as much as we can. We are NOT LAWYERS, ACCOUNTANTS, BANKERS, INSURANCE AGENTS, AGENCIES OR YOUR MOM – but we know professionals that can help – and your Mom is going to love that we are steering you in the right direction!

This is a terrific opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting a legitimate business in medical marijuana to get over the scary questions – to find some reliable support and to make clear decisions.

Not to mention, all the extras that you’ll get such as the professional medical marijuana grower’s info, medical marijuana cooking instructions, edible and concentrate recipes, connecting you with people who are already in business to help you along.

Handouts to take with you – Basic start-up paperwork, membership agreement, authorization to cultivate, authorization to transport, volunteer time sheets, strain & product evaluation forms, inventory management forms, volunteer med check-out forms

EVERYTHING IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS to refer to if you need a “refresher” – anytime – you will have all the instructions in detail written for you and most of the forms that you’ll need to file, an up to $1,500 value and saving you valuable time.

The classes will be held at the cities indicated below in the calendar. Class locations are available only to students who have filled out the enrollment form.

Classes are forming now and seats filling up fast, so go ahead and reserve your seat today. You can enroll by filling out the enrollment link below or you can contact us here to have a customer service representative assist you if need help enrolling.

420 College Classes for Medical marijuana law, growing and operations

Our faculty, staff and management are what differentiates 420 College from others. We’re proud of our tenure in the industry, our contribution to expanding patient rights and that we set the watermark of excellence in medical marijuana – business start-ups, cultivation and cannabis vocational and training.

Our Motto:
Legum Servi Sumus ut Lubiri esse Possimus – ad Iudicium!


Latin to English: “We are Slaves to the Law in Order that We May Live Free”

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