Medical Marijuana 101


Medical Marijuana 101


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Class or Workshop Objective:

  • The Medical Benefits of Marijuana
  • Cannabis Patient Rights
  • How to Obtain and VERIFY a MMJ Card
  • Historic Uses of Hemp and Marijuana
  • Therapeutic Uses of Medical Marijuana

Patient Rights/MMJ

420 College classes make sure you understand YOUR RIGHTS as a patient – as a farmer – as a business person and HOW TO PROTECT THOSE RIGHTS.

Students will also learn about the importance and steps taken to obtain a medical recommendation for cannabis use; the medical marijuana card (ID); what it represents and how it is used by local authorities, federal authorities, clubs, dispensaries, collectives and delivery services.

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HISTORY of Hemp and Marijuana

Once the ultimate cash crop and used for paper, rope, building materials, fabric, therapeutic benefit – hemp (cannabis) has only recently been vilified and made a “dangerous drug” by people whose interests are served by it’s eradication. Slowly, by due process, marijuana and hemp are, again, being embraced as the base of many fantastic consumer and therapeutic products.

Archeologists have found evidence in ancient societies that hemp and marijuana were used, for thousands of years, much as we did before it was banned in the US as a drug. Students will get a brief history, relevant facts and statistics about traditional uses of hemp and marijuana. Training will cover the many ways in which medical marijuana is ingested or used.

The variety of forms in which cannabis can be processed to provide benefits to the patient will also be covered. The student will have a well-rounded understanding about “how medical marijuana is used to help patients find relief from a wide variety of chronic symptoms.”

An expanded understanding of what and how medical cannabis, relieves patient issues will help patients, care-givers and medical marijuana doctor referrers embrace it’s use. Invite YOUR Doctor or CareGiver to Attend!