420 Recipes

cooking with marijuana

Making “Edibles”
with Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Recipes Indexmedical cannabis recipes cookbook meals, brownies, cookies, sweets, chocolates

Recipes will call for various forms of cannabis

marijuana and hot drinks, especially with latte or milk, can be very helpful Beverages| Hot – Cold Drinks

pot brownies - brownie maryBrownies

canna-butter - pot butter - marijuana butter for cookingCanna-Butters, Infused Oils & Vinegars

canna-chocolates marijuana chocolates medical marijuana pot ediblesChocolates – ALL Sorts!

Medical-marijuana-edibles-popcorn-recipeChronic Kettle Corn & PopCorn Butter

Medical marijuana edibles cookies, brownies, cakesCookies, Cakes, Baked Goods

marijuana edibles - hard candies - honey - sugar Hard Candies, sweet treats, drops

Cannabis Ice Cream Ice creams, Creamed Sweets

Medical marijuana - cannabis edibles for savvy dinnersMeal Ideas & Dishes