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seminars for cannabis business

Seminars for cannabis business

Have you ever considered the benefits of attending seminars for cannabis business?  Maybe you had always wanted to enter the industry?  Or perhaps you had been looking for a business opportunity where you could earn a lot of money.  The evolution of the cannabis industry has presented individuals with profitable money making opportunities.  But the […]

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cannabis business seminars

Cannabis Business Seminars

    420 College is the leading educational institution for cannabis business seminars thanks to our loyal customers. We would like to thank all of our students and instructors for a very educational and successful 2015. Due to increased demand we will be hosting more seminars throughout the new year. We are still working on […]

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420 College Helping to Create a Legal Cannabis Industry

420 College helping to create a legal cannabis industry   Pasadena, CA – Even as states are becoming more and more progressive and legalizing weed entirely, some medical and recreational cannabis users are facing legal repercussions due to certain provisions hidden in the depths of marijuana tax bills. Colorado recently announced that legalizing the use […]

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