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Marijuana biz seminar

Marijuana biz seminar

Anyone who is a part of the marijuana industry knows how lucrative the industry is. The marijuana industry is the most profitable industry and therefore it is not surprising to see why so many people are looking to enter the industry.  If you are among the many that is looking to try your luck, one […]

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Online marijuana institute

420 College Helping to Create a Legal Cannabis Industry

420 College helping to create a legal cannabis industry   Pasadena, CA – Even as states are becoming more and more progressive and legalizing weed entirely, some medical and recreational cannabis users are facing legal repercussions due to certain provisions hidden in the depths of marijuana tax bills. Colorado recently announced that legalizing the use […]

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Marijuana business seminar

Weed Seminars

  There are a number of things that you can do to submit a high quality application for a weed business. Remember, applications are selected on merit and it always helps to have knowledge about what you are intending to or going to do. So before you start a career in the weed industry, you […]

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