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Marijuana business conference

420 College

  420 College is the leading resource that provides individuals with a working knowledge of the cannabis industry and results in successful marijuana businesses. California, like many other states in the U.S., has deemed medical marijuana a legal substance used to treat a litany of medical conditions. Success in the cannabis industry is entirely possible […]

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SAS Monthly meeting & next Sacramento City Council Meeting

Hello Patients & Advocates, This month’s Safe Access Sacramento Meeting will be at 7 pm this Thursday at the Plum Cafe, 2315 K Street. The most pressing issue on the agenda is next weeks Sacramento City Council Meeting, October 1st at 6 pm. Over the last six months advocates have been working hard to preserve […]

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weed university

Ca Marijuana Law School

  In case of federal laws, the business of marijuana is not allowed, considered to be an illegal activity. But, there is a ca marijuana law school found in the state. Each of the school tends to provide effective information about the growing of marijuana. However, the law states that if people are going through […]

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