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420 College Medical Marijuana Business Online Video courses help you get started – opening and operating a medical marijuana business; co-operative, collective, “dispensary” or delivery service; or simply exploring your patient rights!


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Video Course:

We have broken the video set down into seven individual videos specific to your individual needs or you can save money by purchasing the entire set for one low price.

Video #1:

“Marijuana Business” -

Introduction, who can do business and how to become a medical marijuana patient in the state of California. - $24.95


Video #2:

Signing up patients – What’s legal and what’s not

What you need to know. Going over California Attorney General Guidelines, rules, patient verification, etc - $24.95



Video #3:

How To Start a Marijuana Collective” -

Step by step detailed look at where you need to go and what you need to get and how to fill out what you need. How to start a collective and what to write on the form, Tax ID numbers, Seller’s Permits, Marijuana business license information, etc. With a complete punch list of what you need to do. – $24.95


Video #4:

How To Start a Marijuana Delivery Collective Business” -

Step by step detailed look at where you need to go and what you need to get and how to fill out what you need. How to start a collective, Tax ID number, Seller’s Permits, etc. – $24.95


Video #5:

“How To Start a Marijuana “Dispensary” Collective

Step by step detailed look at where you need to go and what you need to get and how to fill out what you need. How to find the best locations, how to deal with land lords. – $24.95


Video #6:

How to start a Marijuana Grow Operation” -

How to be legal with your grow. How to use “Authorization to Cultivate”, “Authorization to Transport”. What you need to post and where so you can be fully compliant with the local law enforcement. – $24.95


Video #7:

How To Make Money With Your Collective” -

Who and how do you get to make money in the business. Business expenses, payroll, how to hire employees. What to say and what not to say. Here’s a little free advice, DO NOT COLLECT DONATIONS AND HAND OUT MARIJUANA!!! Buy the video course and find out why are people getting shut down all over the state of California. – $24.95


Nonprofit Collective Business Forms:

Get all the business forms you need to start and operate a collective with a delivery function. You will get the following forms:

  • “Authorization to Cultivate”
  • “Authorization to Transport”
  • California Non-Profit filling form
  • California Attorney General Guidelines
  • Collective Membership Sign up Forms
  • Collective By-Laws
  • 420 Business references
  • List of 420 related websites and directories for your business
  • Continued help to answer all of your questions after purchase
  • Price: $49.95


IMPORTANT: – The individual videos do not come with the needed paperwork. That is why you should consider getting the full video set so you don’t miss out on important information that might be vital to your success.

Order The Full Set For Only $150

If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:

FEDS send all states memo regarding position on marijuana targets for busts, etcBonus #1:

“Authorization to Cultivate” Medical Marijuana Form – Value $1,000

With this authorization form you can cultivate marijuana not only for your business but for other store fronts.

FEDS send all states memo regarding position on marijuana targets for busts, etcBonus #2:

“Authorization to Transport” Medical Marijuana Form – Value $1,000

If you are going to be traveling with large amounts of medical marijuana, you’re going to need this.

FEDS send all states memo regarding position on marijuana targets for busts, etcBonus #3:

Medical Marijuana Non-Profit Collective Registration Form (for delivery collectives ONLY) – This is what you need to file with the state of California in order to start your business. YOU CAN NOT OPERATE WITH OUT THIS FORM!!!

All you have to do is fill in the blanks with our instructions in the video course and mail it in. You’re in business.

FEDS send all states memo regarding position on marijuana targets for busts, etcBonus #4:

Medical Marijuana Collective “Membership Agreement” Form – Value $1,000

YOU CAN NOT OPERATE WITH OUT THIS FORM!!! Just fill in the blanks and it’s ready to go.

Attorneys charge up to $3,000 to make up just a membership agreement form, with the purchase of the “How To Start A Medical Marijuana Business” it’s yours FREE!

FEDS send all states memo regarding position on marijuana targets for busts, etc Bonus #5:

List of marijuana websites and directories.

After you start up the collective you need to find patients. The up to date list of marijuana 25 high ranking and high traffic directories will bring them to you. All the research has already been done for you, just submit your information and watch the patients roll in.

how to file a collective onlineBonus #6:

420 College eBook and seminar handouts with all valuable information that you won’t find anywhere else.

420 College, Burbank, ca live seminar

Bonus #7:

You will get a $100 discount to attend the 420 College live seminar, 1 time only.

Save & Print Your Purchase Receipt that Clearly Shows PAYMENT – USE the INVOICE NUMBER AS YOUR COUPON CODE WHEN YOU REGISTER For Our Next 420 College Event (You must register online to reserve a seat). Bring your PRINTED RECEIPT to receive your discount.

At the Next 2 Day Seminar – You will meet the industry professionals behind the school who are at the core of 420 College and the medical marijuana economy in California. You will also meet and have a chance to get to know other like-minded individuals that, like you, are exploring the market. Make new contacts, exchange information and start networking with others.

Every 2 Day Event is PACKED FULL OF Great Information & Contacts.

Just read some of these 420 College Reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers who have used to Online Video Course to start their own collectives in California and what they have to say about 420 College online marijuana business course:

Hi, my name is Al. 420 College online course helped me start my collective called, California Valley Farmers . All the tools are there for you, just follow instructions, fill out the paper work and you’re on your way.

Antioch, Ca

This is Star. Easy to follow instructions on the video course is what I like the most about it. My dispensary opened a month after I bought the videos. I’m so glad I went with 420 College.

Los Angeles, Ca


I was very skeptical at first, with all these “pot schools” out there. Never know which one will rip me off. And $150 might not be much for some, but it’s allot for me. I’m glad it worked out…don’t hesitate, 420 College are real pros.

Redding, Ca


Medical marijuana business is not pretty. If you’re looking for hard information, buy the 420 College videos. It might not the prettiest thing, but the truth isn’t always pretty. It gets the job done. 420 College is my source for marijuana education.

Santa Cruz, Ca


I’m one of those people that you have to give the information to 3 times. But, the customer service was great. I wrote an email the 1st time and got a reply withing a day. I called, no answer :( but they called me back an hour later. Bottom line, this works, and folks behind it are professionals.

San Diego, Ca


Moving from Florida to California is not an easy thing. But we were facing some serious charges if we got busted out there. After watching the course I felt a little at ease knowing there is a place where we can cultivate legally and make living at it. We bought the course, then we decided to visit California to see how things are for ourselves. We met with George in San Jose and he walked us through the whole thing. We were secure this was the right move. 420 College, 100% facts, absolutely NO bullshit.

Pensacola, Florida

Don’t delay, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks depending on your dedication and budget and location.

We give you the tools you need to succeed, not just feed you a bunch of useless facts. If you hired a marijuana attorney for consultation, you would pay $500 to $2,500 just for the consultation meeting.

Online video courses on “How To Start A Medical Marijuana Business” prepared by instructions from attorneys who have given courses at the 420 College marijuana school’s live seminars. Our consultants specialize in California medical marijuana business guidelines and have guided hundreds of people to open marijuana businesses, that is a minimum $2,500 value that you get with your one time payment of $150.00.

GIVE YOURSELF the knowledge and the tools you need to
succeed in the medical marijuana industry, today!!!

It’s so easy to get started right away.

ONLINE Video course - how to start a medical marijuana business in claiforniaClick here to order right now for only $150.00 (even if it’s 4:20 am!).

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Disclaimer: Marijuana remains illegal under federal laws for some reason. Certain states, counties and cities have adopted the medical marijuana patient programs, please check our FAQ page for state by state breakdown on laws in states that have this program in place.

420 College does not promote illegal sales or use of marijuana. That is why we strongly urge you to take our seminars to get the latest in developments and laws concerning medical marijuana and cannabis industry.


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