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California university for pot

California Takes New Approach On Water Regulation For Cannabis Farms

  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife helicopter circled over steep timberland in Humboldt County’s coastal mountains, prowling for potential water diversions and environmental damage caused by what is arguably the state’s most lucrative agricultural product: marijuana. The problems weren’t hard to find. The pot farms below sprawled out with factory-like orderliness. From the […]

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Education for marijuana business

Weed Seminar

  Have you ever wondered how a weed seminar can be of benefit to you? Anyone who is looking to start a weed dispensary business can benefit a lot by attending a weed seminar. There are many people who have already started their own businesses after attending these seminars and they have become really successful. […]

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Weed seminar

Marijuana Seminar

Marijuana seminar   Ever been to a Marijuana seminar? Many schools and colleges organize seminars for marijuana in their states to educate people about the health benefits of marijuana and to guide interested candidates in setting up their own legal marijuana establishments. Whether you are a marijuana patient or someone who wants to start a […]

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