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Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation and Department

Dispensary accounting

Keeping cash in mind when running a dispensary business is very risky. It makes you susceptible to robberies and thefts. You may also have to face ugly audits as a result of keeping huge amounts of money in hand. Remember, financial institutions and banks don’t allow marijuana businesses to have an account with them. Although […]

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San Bernardino County votes to ban marijuana businesses

Marijuana dispensary accounting

Running a medical marijuana business is not legal under the federal and it is common for marijuana business owners to get into legal problems. This is the reason why many accounting firms do not offer their services to those who are involved in the marijuana industry. But it is also true that marijuana business owners […]

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Cloverdale marijuana ordinance

Accounting for marijuana business

There are a number of accounting problems faced by marijuana business owners today and this is the reason it is crucial to hire an expert and experienced accountant to handle all the financial aspects of running this kind of business. Accounting for marijuana business is an important service that you must take advantage of. One […]

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