Turnkey Marijuana Collectives for Sale

420 College Business Services is now offering existing California medical marijuana collective corporate entities for take over with experienced, back end support.

With the new Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act coming into effect January 1st, 2016, we only have until January 1st 2018 to be able to operate a “medical marijuana collective” until having to apply for the new licensing with the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation¬†Department.

marijuana corporationHere’s what you get with your purchase of a highly viable, ready-to-go marijuana corporation from 420 College:

  • Marijuana business specific articles of incorporation approved by the Secretary of State of California.
  • Corporate Bylaws.
  • Corporate book, seal.
  • Corporate Minutes.
  • Stock Certificates.
  • Assistance with filling “Statement of Information” with Secretary of State.
  • Obtain IRS Tax ID #.
  • Obtain Marijuana Seller’s Permit.
  • Help with opening a bank account.
  • Merchant services.
  • “Farmer’s Agreements”.
  • “Authorization to Cultivate”.
  • “Authorization to Transport”.
  • A-Z consultation teaching you exactly what it takes to successfully operate a cannabis collective.
  • 1 fully operational 4 page website for patient intake or show to investors, done by the professionals who helped build the 420 College website.
  • 30 days of marketing and advertising support.
  • Listings on Weedmaps, Potlocator.com and Potmobile.com
  • Inclusion in 50 local directory websites like Yellowpages.com, Mapquest.com, Yelp and etc.
  • Social media marketing, Facebook fan page, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, etc.
  • 2 Youtube commercial videos.
  • Facebook likes, Twitter followers.
  • Help with dealing with potential landlords.
  • Full support to help you get things going after the purchase.
  • You may also purchase just the corporate fillings for $2,500, click here.
  • Price: $6,500

These corporations have already been established and owe no back taxes. They are fully functional with a website, phone number and email. They have also been included in directories such as, Weedmaps, Weedtracker, Dispensaryfinder, Medicalmarijuana.com, Wheresweed.com and etc. Will will send a full report of the total directories upon request.

These corporations are active and are operating as delivery collectives as you’re reading this. If you take over any one of these, you’ll be getting calls almost from day 1 and be able to start operating from the time of purchase. The total price for these corporate take overs is $6,500 Call us at 855-420-8255(TALK) to get started TODAY!!!

Marijuana Education Seminar

With 420 College taking care of the specific corporate structure required by the California Attorney General Guidelines and latest court decision People vs Jackson. These non-profit cannabis corporation articles and bylaws were drafted by attorneys specifically for marijuana operations, and the latest Appellate Court Rulings. You will rest assured that all your paperwork is legit.

These corporations must be operated within California state borders, by California state residents with valid cannabis recommendations, following all local rules and ordinances (other states will be available soon).

PLEASE NOTE: You have to be a medical marijuana patient to purchase these corporations.

pot business

* GET STARTED: To get you started building your club’s membership, we invite you to introduce yourself to potential new patients at any of our upcoming seminars for marijuana business entrepreneurs. You’ll be able to get new patient members, find reliable, ethical farmers; or start your own garden; and begin to organize your new club, immediately.

marijuana-co-op-club-store * MARKETING SUPPORT: 420 College provides your first 30 days of marketing support, to get you headed in the right direction. Weedmaps and Weedtracker directory inclusions along with classified website advertising will give your business the internet presence it needs to succeed.

Open any one of these corporations, as a store front (dispensary) business. 420 College will help you to locate a suitable location, following all local city and county ordinances in your desired area, if available. Call today (855) 420-8255

Local laws, codes and covenants vary from area to area.

There are no guarantees that you will be able to open up as a “store front operation” because your desired location may have a ban or a moratorium medical marijuana “dispensaries” or co-ops, in free-standing buildings. Maybe your “dream” location is too close to a school, church or otherwise poorly located, for other reasons.

Your 420 Corporation Has BUILT IN Options for You, JUST IN CASE!


With your new Corporation in hand – the way we formed and filed your business structure, allows you to LEGALLY OPERATE as a Marijuana DELIVERY Collective, in California GUARANTEED!


As long as you follow California Attorney General Guidelines; Proposition 215 & SB 420 and California Health & Safety Codes; and the teachings of 420 College consultants, you will have a fantastic chance at building a successful collective in this expanding new market and with the 420 College Biz-Package, be ready for when your desired area opens up for store front collectives.

420 College Telephone Number and other contact informationDon’t hesitate, contact 420 College
staff and fa
culty at our Toll-FREE Number

855 – 420 – TALK (8255)

Or Contact Us, by confidential email, HERE

Here are some examples of medical marijuana collective corporate entities that have recently been established by Cannabis College, click on the names to visit the websites:

  • Good Neighbor Patient’s Collective
  • Santa Clarita Valley Veteran’s Collective
  • California Valley Farmers
  • California Valley Green Farmers
  • California Alternative Healing Center
  • And many many more……
  • Call us today to get started (855) 420-8255(TALK)

These corporate entities are ready to go. You simply fill out the Statement of Information and submit to the Secretary of State to complete the filing, open your bank account and begin operating immediately!

You can change the name of the marijuana business after you buy or we can file under a new name for your medical marijuana corporation.

Begin expanding your co-op, collective or delivery service immediately! You can purchase an existing, turn-key, ready-to-start corporations and start the very next day.


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