Marijuana College in California

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Marijuana college in California is a renowned education institute at California and a lot of students get various courses from there.

420 college is the ultimate marijuana business college in California. It helps people to get a tons of knowledge and also provide a tremendous career in exciting medical marijuana industry.

Medical marijuana college California provides:

  • Different courses which suit every individual need and also attractive offers and discount on categorized courses.
  • Excellent counseling by experts on medical marijuana industry for all students.
  • Provide all students video seminars on California medical marijuana collectives and delivery service.
  • Conduct live seminars in which all students get that how to start business with medical marijuana.
  • Make all students understand that how can develop a flexible composition for medical marijuana business.

Therefore 420 marijuana business college in California is the best group to guide all people to start the business in medical marijuana.

Goal of this 420 Cannabis College is to give you with the right, objective information about Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis College is been nestled in floors of the registered 17th Century house, itself the monument in heart of California. Admission is free & students are welcome here, if you are the Cannabis user. The recreational users are also taught how to avoid the dangerous chemicals, for instance, medical patients learn to use vaporizer in place of smoking. Volunteers in these colleges gladly help visitors to educate themselves & spread truthful information to the children.

With lots of new developments in medical world, industrial and social advances, and the constant wave of the politicians on horizon, as it is our duty to give you with information that you want. Time now has come to update the global knowledge, definitely best defense against War on Drugs. Friendly staff of the volunteers encourages the visitors to debate very openly and share the opinions as they are receptive to the new ideas. In order, to supplement the verbal information this College hosts the vibrant displays on up to date medical research of Cannabis, highest quality of hemp products, most of the current info about Cannabis legislation all over the world, and much, much more. Would like to get the degree in Cannabis? So, stop and visit next time you come to 420 College.

On January 26th and 27th of 2013, 420 College and attorneys will be hosting a live seminar to go over all aspects of marijuana business operation.

cannabis marijuana dispensary

So, you want to learn how to start a Marijuana Dispensary, Collective, Marijuana Delivery Service, Marijuana Co-op, Club, Smoke Shop, Cafe, Edibles or Confection Manufacture or Marijuana Grow Operation;


420 College 2 Day Seminars are for YOU!!!


2 Day Live Seminars | Marijuana business start-up trainingWhat Can You Learn
in Just 2 Days?

ALL the important “Stuff” to help insure your success!


  1. Medical Marijuana Law. Business Basics
  2. How to become a legal marijuana patient,
  3. How to get a California Medical Marijuana Card (not what your doctor gave you)
  4. Patient Rights, YOUR RIGHTS!!!!
  5. How Medical Marijuana is Used, Ingestion to Edibles
  6. How to Legally Cultivate, Harvest and Process Medical Marijuana
  7. How to start a marijuana dispensary.
  8. How to start a marijuana delivery service.
  9. How to legally grow marijuana for patients.

If those things are what you’re after, read more about our : Day 1 & Day 2 Class Outline & Objectives

Register for $250 per Student | Live Event 2 Days FULL of Info!

All Required Forms Are Included | On-Going Support!

Classes are forming now and they fill up fast

Reserve your seat today.

wm. bill mcpike - teaching medical marijuana law at 420 College classes




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