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The use of medical cannabis solely for therapeutic purposes has already been legalized in the United States. The law is supported by the Compassionate User Act (CUA) that has been passed in 1996. Among the 15 states that legalize the use of medical marijuana, California is the first state that put into law the use of marijuana. But in order to do medical cannabis growing and use it legally, one must have some cannabis education. The medical marijuana identification cards are processed by the Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) and the cannabis education is provided by 420 College. Requirements for the application of the identification cards should include a written or verbal recommendation from the medical doctor with a specialty and is licensed to recommend the use of medical marijuana. Cannabis education is important, not all consultations may result to a recommendation of medical marijuana treatment. Those who have chronic illnesses and life threatening diseases may only be given recommendations.

Here are some points of the California medical marijuana law:

  • The state of California has a list of diseases that allow the use of medical marijuana for its treatment. Diseases such as AIDS, anorexia, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, migraine, general weakness, muscle spasms seen in multiple sclerosis, seizures, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and other diseases may be exempted from the federal law and is therefore able to possess marijuana only for medical use.
  • Specified quantities for qualified patients and registered caregivers are allowed. Only eight ounces of the processed form or six matured (12 immature) medical marijuana growing is allowed by the law. However, the House Bill 420 gives exemption when the patient has a recommendation from the physician to have an increased amount of medical marijuana treatment.
  • Medical cannabis in California should be non profit to be able to register. California medical dispensaries only accept identifications cards coming from the people of their state and a voluntary registration fee is required. Cannabis Education.
cannabis education

cannabis education

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* Notes: US Federal Law

21 U.S.C.S. § 841 (in pertinent part):

(a) Unlawful acts. Except as authorized by this title, it shall be unlawful for any person knowingly or intentionally –

(1) to manufacture, distribute, or dispense, or possess with intent to manufacture, distribute, or
dispense, a controlled substance; or
(2) to create, distribute, or dispense, or possess with intent to distribute or dispense, a counterfeit